Guest post: Cantabular: a new use-case for OpenStreetMap

A guest post by Ciáran Staunton. OpenStreetMap is not merely a map of roads, buildings, land uses, coastal areas and mountain tops. OpenStreetMap contains many hidden treasures, which take the form of wonderful and obscure boundaries. These have been added by Ireland’s OpenStreetMap contributors, in the hope that such things will provide some context to places, but also in the hope that one day they could be directly re-used by those that may wish to download them.

Realising the historical value of the Irish Censuses of Population

Since 1841 the periodic Census of Population has been the cornerstone of official statistics in Ireland, particularly in the context of providing comprehensive information on demographic and social conditions. While some efforts were made to undertake censuses prior to 1841 they are generally considered to have been of poor quality for various reasons.

Unlocking the value in historic records with Cantabular

At the end of April we at Sensible Code are going to run an event to demonstrate our privacy-preserving software Cantabular using the 1911 Ireland census—the last all Ireland census—to show how modern technologies have the potential to unlock the value hidden in historic records, for the benefit of academics, researchers, statistical organisations and wider society.

Automating disclosure checks with our Disclosure Rules Language

Last week we released a new version of Cantabular with a big new feature: a disclosure rules language. The disclosure rules language, or DRL, is a tool to help statisticians automate decisions about table publication which they might previously have made using manual analysis techniques.

ONS hackday Census data unplugged

We’d planned a hack day at the Office for National Statistics for our work on Census 2021 towards the end of May. But the arrival of Covid-19 meant we had to pivot to making the event virtual.

Go Cantabular!

We decided to use the Go programming language (also known as Golang) to build Cantabular and have found it a great fit. It’s compact, readable, secure and fast. A perfect combination for a strategic product handling large amounts of sensitive data.

Cantabular product launch

Our team here at Sensible Code have been busy for a few years working on an innovative privacy preserving technology called Cantabular. Cantabular uses highly performant implementations of disclosure control algorithms to protect data in real time as a user or researcher makes a query.

Press release: ONS UK selects Cantabular for Census 2021

The UK-based Office for National Statistics has selected Belfast company Sensible Code and its privacy preserving technology Cantabular for disseminating confidential Census 2021 data.

Modernising statistics — keeping data safe

Statistics professionals within public sector agencies take great care in how they process and protect personal data and this is reflected in the trust and respect they enjoy from their customers and the public at large. GDPR has thrown a further spotlight on governance around data confidentiality.