JSM 2022: Presenting our work on the 2021 England and Wales census

We are presenting a poster case study of our work with the Office for National Statistics on the 2021 England and Wales census for the Joint Statistical Meeting Conference 2022 organised by The American Statistical Association.

The conference will be held in Washington DC from August 06 to 11.

Poster activity #197

We’ll be talking about our work with the Office for National Statistics to allow flexible dissemination of data and metadata using our software Cantabular. We’re presenting as part of activity #197.

A comparison of how the methods used to publish census output tables have changed between 2011 and 2021.

Flexible dissemination is the capability to create custom statistical outputs on demand for a user, directly from microdata. It has the potential to help statistical agencies to meet increased demands for data, and dramatically increase the efficiency of the publication pipeline along with the public value derived from statistical datasets.

How Cantabular's flexible dissemination works.

Mike Thompson, Cantabular Product Manager and Software Engineer, will present our work and give people a demonstration using synthetic data that represents the population of England and Wales. He’ll give some background to the project, the methodological and technical approach taken to statistical disclosure control, the architecture of the technical solution, some implementation challenges encountered along the way, and what’ve thinking about for the future direction of the product.

We’re exhibiting at Booth #331

We’ll also have a booth at the event and we’d be delighted if you would drop by and visit us. It will be another opportunity to test drive our software and to learn about the innovations and the challenges we’ve addressed to get the software ready to host data and metadata for the 2021 England and Wales census.

Some fun: Turing Tumble prize draw!

The Turing Tumble box.

We’d like people to have some fun when they come to our booth so we’re bringing a Turing Tumble. It’s a new type of board game where players build mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles.

We hope that our friends in the statistical community will enjoy it: drop by and give us your details or a business card to enter the draw.

We’ll have a draw for a Turing Tumble every day of the exhibition at 16:00.

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